The Chase fans furious after Scottish answer is 'not allowed' because of pronunciation

4 August 2022, 11:57

Bradley Walsh didn't allow one contestant a point after she pronounced the answer wrong.

The Chase fans were left confused this week after a contestant was told she got a question wrong because of her pronunciation.

Host Bradley Walsh, 62, welcomed contestants Jan, Phil, Ellie and Roddy to face The Governess Anne Hegerty on Tuesday.

But it was student Ellie who got fans talking when she lost a point in the cash building round over a Scottish question.

Ellie was denied a point on The Chase
Ellie was denied a point on The Chase. Picture: ITV

Bradley asked: "What Scottish whisky brand has the slogan: 'Famous for a reason?'"

Ellie said "Famous Groose", but Bradley quickly corrected her pronunciation as he said: "Famous Grouse".

He went on to explain: "Can't give you Famous Groose – unless you were doing it in a Scottish accent."

When the audience laughed Ellie - who wearing a tartan dress - said: "The dress, it brought it over me!"

Bradley replied: "You were unlucky with that but you're a good player Ellie."

Due to the setback, Ellie managed to bank £3,000 before she took on Anne.

Bradley Walsh didn't allow Ellie a point on The Chase
Bradley Walsh didn't allow Ellie a point on The Chase. Picture: ITV

But viewers at home were furious, as one wrote: "what a petty thing to do! Not give it to her because she said famous Groose instead of Grouse!"

Another said: "Give her the point for famous groose! Loads of Scots up here say it #TheChase".

"Give her 'Famous Groose' you tight b*****ds! #TheChase," a third commented.

And a fourth said: "Famous Grouse not allowed cos she pronounced it differently?"

While another viewer wrote: "She got that right! Should get a bonus point for the accent".

And someone else joked: "Famous Groose, aye nae bother hen #thechase".

Finally, someone else added: "Come on guys, should have given her the Famous Grouse question. Just her pronunciation. Can't mark her down for that."