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A bride and groom are charging to attend their wedding

Bride and groom charge guests £110 to attend wedding claiming they’re ‘not rich’

A woman has been slammed for charging £70 for a dinner at her wedding

Bride slammed for charging guests over £70 to eat at her wedding reception

Parents missed their son's wedding day to watch sport

Parents slammed after they skip son’s wedding so they can watch sports game

A woman shared the shocking story to Reddit (stock image)

'My sister fired my four-year-old daughter as her wedding flower girl'

The woman took to Reddit to ask for advice (stock image)

Bride furious after brother refuses to donate £20,000 towards her wedding

The wedding photographer was denied a 20 minute break to feed herself during the long day

Photographer deletes couple's wedding pictures after being denied food or drinks

Cara Donovan is suing her wedding venue

Bride suing wedding venue for £150,000 after slipping on dance floor

A woman has refused to babysit 40 children at her brother's wedding

Woman accused of 'ruining' her brother's wedding after refusing to babysit 40 kids

A woman has said she can't afford her sister's wedding

'I can't afford to go to my sisters child-free wedding - and now she's furious'

The bride's Facebook post was shared on Reddit (stock image)

Bride threatens to cut off family after they refuse to pay out £3,000 for her wedding

A woman has invoiced a bride after her wedding

Wedding guest slammed after she sent bride £500 invoice over ‘no phone’ rule

A bride has invoiced her 'no-show' guests £180

Newlyweds invoice guests £180 for not turning up to their wedding

A woman revealed her pregnancy at her friend's engagement party

Couple blasted after announcing their pregnancy at best friend's engagement dinner

A man has been blasted for not inviting his children to his wedding

'I didn't invite my children to my wedding and now they're furious'

A woman has been branded selfish after saying she'd love to go to Glastonbury

Mum called 'selfish' after saying she'd rather go to Glastonbury than her best friend’s wedding

The ex-bridesmaid shared her story to Reddit (stock images)

Woman takes bride to court after she's kicked out the wedding party for cutting her hair

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A woman was banned from her friends wedding because of her job

'I was banned from my best friend's wedding because I treat Covid patients'

The mother of the groom has sparked a debate on Reddit

'I kicked my mother-in-law out of my wedding after she brought my husband’s ex-wife'

A groom kicked his brother out of his wedding

Groom kicks brother out of wedding for ignoring ‘no children’ rule

The woman explained how she'll be saving money on her wedding day (left: stock image)

Thrifty bride reveals 'expensive' traditions she'll be skipping on her wedding day

A woman was uninvited from her friend's wedding

‘My best friend banned me from her wedding after I missed the hen do to be with my baby’

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash are getting married next year

Joe Swash reveals details of ‘very personal’ garden wedding to Stacey Solomon