Heart's £100K Summer Play: We guarantee three people will win £100,000 this week!

12 June 2022, 12:33 | Updated: 22 August 2022, 07:55

Ed Sheeran, Madonna and Robbie Williams could make you £100,000 richer this week!
Ed Sheeran, Madonna and Robbie Williams could make you £100,000 richer this week! Picture: Heart
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

This summer could soon become one you'll never forget as we're giving you the chance to win a life-changing £100,000.

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Throughout the summer, Heart are giving you the chance to win a massive £100,000 with our incredible new game Heart's £100K Summer Play!

This week is THE VERY LAST WEEK of Heart’s £100K Summer Play.

And to end the summer with a bang – we guarantee...

Three people will win a life-changing £100,000 this week!

We have got three NEW artists that you need to remember and listen out for. They are:

Ed Sheeran


Robbie Williams

  • When ONE of those artists plays during your workday – you can win £1,000!
  • When TWO of those artists play back-to-back – you can win £10,000!
  • And when all THREE of those artists play back-to-back – that's Heart's £100K Summer Play – and you can win a life-changing £100,000!

How do I win?

If you hear Ed Sheeran/ Madonna / or Robbie Williams play on Heart between 8am – 4pm weekdays – you need to text the word ‘PLAY’ to 82122.

Texts cost £2 plus your standard network rate. You have the duration of the song or songs to enter, if you text after that you won't be entered but you may still be charged. You must be 18 or over and live in Great Britain to play this Heart Network game. All the rules are at HERE. You can also enter online HERE.

So, keep listening for Ed Sheeran, Madonna and Robbie Williams… and get ready to text the word ‘PLAY’ to 82122!

Download Global Player and listen here.

Who has already won Heart's £100K Summer Play?

George Musca

George Musca from Romford, Essex had no idea on Friday morning that he would be finishing the day off £100,000 richer – but that's exactly what happened.

The construction worker was looking after his daughter when he heard all three Summer Play artists.

Now, George is planning what he will do with the money, and first up on the list is a trip to Cape Verde with his wife and baby girl.

Denise Masters

Denise is a carer who had just left one of her clients when she received a call from Heart's Dev Griffin revealing she had become our latest £100 Summer Play winner.

The mother-of-five didn't quite believe she had just become £100,000 richer and had to ask Dev multiple times whether it was a joke!

Denise has plans to use the money to buy herself a brand new dress and help her friend set up an art studio.

She also wants to give her children a bit of money for house deposits and savings for the future.

Amanda Tann

Amanda Tann, who works as a cleaner at a Travelodge, was sitting in the back garden with her best friend Nita when she got a call from Heart’s Matt Wilkinson.

Our fifth winner was lost for words when she was told she has just become £100,000 richer.

Amanda cares for her 15-year-old son - who lives with ADHD and autism - and said the money would 'totally change her life'.

The family has big plans and said she wants to take her son on holiday to Egypt as they haven’t been away for six years.

Paul Sykes

Paul was on his way to work as a lift engineer when he entered Heart's 100k Summer Play.

With his son sat in the van with him, Paul thought he heard Robbie Williams and Ed Sheeran, until Jamie Theakston and Zoe Hardman revealed the Spice Girls had also played.

When Jamie and Zoe announced he had won £100k, Paul didn't know what to do with himself and said: "Please tell me you're joking, wow! My heart is pumping out of my chest, I've never won anything."

He added: "You don't know what this has done for me."

Paul has also got two other children, one of which is turning 21-years-old next Tuesday, so the family will be having a big celebration and are planning a BIG trip to Alton Towers.

Caroline Alger

Caroline was working from home when she entered £100K Summer Player, little did she know she would come off the phone to Pandora £100,000 richer!

Ben, Caroline's husband, was also working from home and decided to join the call – but he had no idea what was happening.

When Pandora announced they had won £100,000, Caroline was speechless while Ben was just confused as to what had happened.

It took some convincing, but Ben and Caroline now believe this is real and are planning what they'll do with the £100,000.

They want to help out some family and friends, do some travelling and upgrade their house.

Alison Marshall

Alison Marshall from Hertfordshire had no idea when she woke up on Friday morning that she would be finishing the day £100,000 richer – but that's exactly what happened!

The NHS worker was speechless when Matt Wilkinson revealed she had won the life-changing cash prize, especially when she wasn't sure if she had heard two or three of Heart's £100K Summer Play artists!

Now, Alison is planning to take her son Steven, who is disabled, to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida.

Becky Kemsley

Becky is a painter and decorator from Sussex who spent last Friday painting a client's living room – little did she know that later that day she would become £100,000 richer.

Our winner was very emotional when Heart's Matt Wilkinson revealed to her that £100,000 was on the way into her bank account in a matter of hours!

Becky has big plans for the money, including taking her seven grandchildren to Disney World in Florida.

Laura Bailey

Laura, who works in marketing, was having a very normal morning hanging the washing out on the line when she got a call from Jamie and Amanda.

While Laura's summer got off to a good start, it just got so much better as she is now £100,000 richer.

The first thing Laura will spend the money on is a holiday to Greece!

Download Global Player and listen here.