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The Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony takes place this Thursday

How to watch the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

The Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony takes place this Thursday

Who is performing at the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony?

The Commonwealth Games starts on July 28

When is the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony 2022?

How to maximise your annual leave in 2023 (stock images)

How to get 47 days off with just 19 days of annual leave in 2023

The hot temperatures are not over just yet

UK weather: Heatwave temperatures set to return this weekend

Charlie Simpson has issued a warning to other parents around the dangers of secondary drowning

Busted's Charlie Simpson rushes son to hospital as he suffers secondary drowning

A player has just become the UK's biggest every lottery winner (stock images)

Player becomes UK's biggest ever lottery winner with £195 million jackpot

People with red hair will be able to claim free cinema tickets

Cinema chain offering redheads free tickets to escape hottest day ever

Should you have a cold shower in the heatwave? Here's what the experts say...

Is it better to have a hot or cold shower during the heatwave?

A man has complained about his neighbours

‘My neighbours own five cars and keep parking in front of my house’

A man has asked the internet for advice after his girlfriend refused to pay £300 to stay in his family holiday home (stock images)

'My boyfriend invited me to his family's holiday home - but expects me to pay £300'

Should there be a maximum temperature in the workplace?

Calls for Brits to be sent home if workplaces exceed 25°C

This is a game changer for people who struggle to sleep in the heat

You can now buy a cooling mat for your pillow to help you sleep in the heatwave

Lee decided to take things into his own hands after his bosses told him he could not wear shorts to work amid the heatwave

Binman wears high-vis kilt to work after bosses ban shorts

Your fan could be making you hotter in the heatwave

Why using a fan in the heatwave could actually be making you hotter

A 16-year-old took her son as her prom date

Mum, 16, takes one-year-old son to prom as her date

The woman has taken to Reddit to ask for advice (stock image)

'My neighbour put her bins in our communal parking spot so nobody can use it'

Some schools may make the decision to close amid the heatwave if they think staff and students are at risk

How hot does it have to be for schools to close in the UK?