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Your fan could be making you hotter in the heatwave

Why using a fan in the heatwave could actually be making you hotter

A 16-year-old took her son as her prom date

Mum, 16, takes one-year-old son to prom as her date

The woman has taken to Reddit to ask for advice (stock image)

'My neighbour put her bins in our communal parking spot so nobody can use it'

Some schools may make the decision to close amid the heatwave if they think staff and students are at risk

How hot does it have to be for schools to close in the UK?

The man has sparked debate on Reddit (stock images)

Man sparks debate after refusing to give up plane seat for mum and children

How to see this supermoon 2022

The biggest supermoon of 2022 is visible tonight - here’s how you can see it

You can leave work early if it's too hot

How hot does it have to be to stop working during the heatwave?

A simple trick could help you sleep better in the hot weather (stock images)

The two-second fan trick that could help you sleep during the heatwave

You could get fined for building a sandcastle

You could be fined £130 for building a sandcastle in Spain

How much does it cost to leave your fan on at night? (stock image)

This is how much it costs to leave your fan on all night

Your kids can eat for free this summer holidays

All the restaurants and cafes where kids can eat free or for £1 this summer holidays

Dogs could be in danger this weekend

RSPCA issue 'silent killer' warning to all dog owners this weekend

Brits set to swelter in 'longest heatwave in four years' with highs of 35 degrees

Brits set to swelter with 'longest heatwave in four years'

You could be fined for wearing a bikini at this Italian resort

Holiday hotspot in Italy bans bikinis with £425 fine

The man shared his story to Reddit (stock images)

'I named my puppy after my neighbour as pay back'

Holly Willoughby is wearing a dress from self-portrait

Holly Willoughby's This Morning outfit today: How to get her pink gingham print midi dress

A dog owner is only paying £2 an hour to look after their pet

‘Outrageous’ advert for dog sitter offers just £2.35 an hour

The GentleMinions TikTok trend has got children banned from the cinema

Cinemas forced to ban children wearing suits over 'Gentleminions' TikTok trend