UK Bank Holiday weather: Britain heading for another heatwave with 30C scorcher

19 August 2022, 08:19

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

The UK is set to be hit with another heatwave in time for August Bank Holiday.

It looks like another heatwave is on the way just in time for the August Bank Holiday.

After a few days of torrential rain across the UK, forecasters are predicting the hot weather will return.

British Weather Services senior meteorologist Jim Dale has said the mercury could even reach the 30Cs again by the end of the month.

He told the Express: “As it looks from the models now, around the bank holiday temperatures could be in the high 20s and the extreme would be 30C degrees.

The hot weather is set to return across the UK
The hot weather is set to return across the UK. Picture: Getty Images

“The southern areas might see 25C, 26C, 27C degrees and the odd 28C 29C, with the extreme getting to 30C degrees.”

Nicola Maxey, spokesperson for the Met Office, also suggested there is more warm weather on the way.

She told The Sun: "There's certainly high indications at the moment that we're going to see high pressure build which could bring some more settled dry, sunny weather for parts of the country.

"It will depend where that high pressure settles as to where we'll see the best of that weather - but certainly, the indications are that we're going to see another warm spell for the end of the month and into early September.

Temperatures could reach into the 30s again
Temperatures could reach into the 30s again. Picture: Getty Images

"Because of the time of year, the length of the days and the position of the sun in the sky temperatures are not going to be as hot as we saw in July or earlier this month, but it looks like we're going to have a nice, settled warm spell for the end of the summer."

This comes after thunderstorms continue, with downpours flooding roads and train stations up and down the country.

There have been widespread train and bus cancellations, with the Met Office warning flooding is likely to affect homes and businesses ‘quickly’.

Into the weekend, it looks like heavy showers are expected to continue in the north and northwest, while the south is going to stay mostly dry.

The UK is set to see a sunny end to the month
The UK is set to see a sunny end to the month. Picture: Getty Images

On Sunday, the heavy rain could sweep across the west, with cloud and rain continuing into Monday for many places.

And it looks like the unsettled weather is going to carry on into next month, but temperatures will remain warm.

Their Met Office forecast says: “After generally settled weather for the end of August, September brings more widely unsettled conditions across the UK.

“The weather may continue to become more changeable through the early weeks, seeing average conditions for this time of year.

“Temperatures are likely to be warm, and to remain warm throughout this period.”