Is Aljaz leaving Strictly Come Dancing?

15 November 2021, 11:12

Is Aljaz leaving Strictly?
Is Aljaz leaving Strictly? Picture: Instagram/Aljaz Škorjanec

Is Aljaz leaving Strictly for good? Fans of the BBC show have become concerned the pro dancer may be quitting after his leaving speech on Saturday night.

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Strictly fans have been left questioning whether Aljaz Škorjanec is leaving Strictly for good, after his emotional exit speech on Saturday night.

He and his dance partner Sara Davies became the seventh pair to be booted off the BBC dance competition after a dance-off with Tilly Ramsay.

And as they gave their farewell speeches, Aljaz hinted he may not be returning next year after saying: "I’m going to miss everything about this show."

Aljaz and Sara left Strictly on Saturday night
Aljaz and Sara left Strictly on Saturday night. Picture: Instagram/Aljaz Škorjanec

Is Aljaz leaving Strictly?

We haven't had any official confirmation on whether he's leaving the show, but many viewers have been left concerned at the apparent hint.

Many viewers took to Twitter to share their worry, with one writing: "Surely @AljazSkorjanec isnt leaving strictly...."

Another added: "I'm sure I heard Aljaz say he will 'miss the show' implying that this is his last season!"

A third wrote: "Errrm excuse why, why did Alijaz sound like he was leaving #strictly? No, no, no. He is too precious and joyful. No."

Aljaz joined strictly in 2013, and has been paired up with the likes of Alison Hammond, Helen George, Daisy Lowe, and Abbey Clancey.

On Saturday night, all four judges opted to save Tilly in the dance-off, and Aljaz and Sara were asked about their time on the show.

Sara said: "I had no idea any of this was in me. It’s been a life changing experience and one I’ve loved every second of."

Aljaz added: "I feel like from that day we met under the Angel of the North, I was so pleased to dance with you this season.

"Honestly, I wouldn’t want to dance with anybody else.

"You have been an absolute joy and a testament to hard work - not just on Strictly but with your business and you’re a beautiful mother.

"Thank you for letting me spend so much time not just with you, but with the whole family, the Davies’s that are here tonight, all of the little ones at home.

"I’ve been so welcomed up north, it made me feel like I’m back home in Slovenia because everyone is so lovely and friendly.

"I’m going to miss you so much. I’m going to miss dancing with you. I’m going to miss everything about this show.

"Thank you everyone and thank you for supporting us."